PX5 Savings Calculator (vs. P20 or 4140)
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Step-by-Step Instructions on using this calculator.

Before using this calculator, please read the time savings of PX5 shown in the Makino Wave Test Cut Comparisons from Makino, and the time savings in gundrilling from Tarus Products. Then, in the PX5 column of the calculator, consider entering at least 50% of the time savings indicated by the Makino test and Tarus Products letter. This will conservatively show your total machine savings in the end.

PX5 can gun drill up to 300% faster than P20 depending on hole size.

If you have any questions about this calculator, please call: Paul Britton at 859-466-0981 or Mike Buckley at 513-289-1980.

P20 or 4140   PX5
  Price/#   No.of #'s       Price/# No.of #'s    
      P20 Total >>>   PX5 Total >>>
  Burden Rate Hrs.   $/Op.     Burden Rate Hrs. $/Op.  
Set Up        
Gun Drill        
Tear down        
Set Up        
1 - Roughing      
Tear down     Not Required  
Stress-Relieving - Enter $/# >>>   Not Required  
Set Up     Not Required  
2 - Roughing     Not Required  
Set Up      
  Machining Totals >>>   Machining Totals >>>
  P20 & Machining Cost >>>   PX5 & Machining Cost >>>
  Operation   Cutting Min./Hr.   Operation   Cutting Min./Hr.
Operation Minutes   hrs. 60     Operation Minutes   hrs. 60
Gun Drilling     Gun Drilling    
1 - Roughing     1 - Roughing    
2 - Roughing     2 - Roughing Not Required  
Semi-Finishing     Semi-Finishing    
Finishing     Finishing    
  Hours to cut >>>       Hours to cut >>>  
Cost using P20 >>> Machine Hours >>>  
Cost using PX5 >>> Machine Hours >>>  
  ____________   ____________  
Savings using PX5 instead of P20: Machine Hours Saved > NOTE: 1 -
This does not include cutters and cutter change
overtime savings.
  NOTE: 2 -
This does not include Polishing time and
dollars saved.


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